Famos shut down (Famos abgewickelt). 1990

The history of the VEB Famos didn't interested me at first, but then fate stepped in: I was sitting opposit to a woman who had worked as a secretary for exactly this company. The VEB Famos was made up of a lot of little branches. The branch where I photographed was first assigned to the VEB Famos in the 70's. It is located in Leipzig-Plagwitz, the old industrial area in the West of the city. After the conversion into a limited company in 1990, all of the workers were laid off and the company was closed. Since no return claims were made, the production and warehouse buildings could be handed over to youths with almost no checks. Their lust for destruction carried out what the adults perhaps only thought. Today in November of 1993, part of the building has been torn down and what's left is being prepared to be sold swept clean.

Bertram Kober
Text for: Spielhalle In: High Quality. Issue 28. 1994. Page 3


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