Black Tide (Oelpest). 2000 

The search for evidence in an unusual way, that is also what Bertram Kober's works are about. Six large format photographs from the series "Black Tide" are being shown in the Goldbach Center in Kuesnacht. The topic so present because of the latest events already challenged the Leipziger in the year 2000. The "Exxon Valdes" catastrophe off the coast of Alaska was the impetus for a photographic journey at the end of which stand eerily beautiful pictures, in which Bertram Kober takes advantage of his chances to sensuously handle human failures. Bertram Kober's way to see topics is neither romantic renunciation nor conceptional over-interpretation, but instead a modern, current, impressive and sensitive search for pictures. That there is something wrong with the eternal race for more and bigger things, is well known today. Only, the Leipzig photographer finds pictures for it, that take the longings seriously, even if he can't hasten them.

Christine Dorothea Hoelzig
Excerpt from the opening speech at the exhibition „Bertram Kober – Fotografien“ in the Gallery Elten & Elten in Zurich on 18 March 2003

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